Monday, October 21, 2013

The city that i have chose for this blog post lies in the region of the central plateau, My city that i have decided on would be mexico city because of what it is to mexico. Mexico city is the capital of mexico how in size one of the smaller ones. However mexico city has the largest population of the entire country in that small city. The city was founded by Aztecs in the year 1325.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


What role does NAFTA play in globalization and has it impacted the American Economy? If so, in what specific!

- The NAFTA provided a slim more opportunities for residents in North America, and allowed trade to increase a bit further and boosted the American opportunity, because of no tax upon goods traded between Canada and Mexico.

Friday, September 13, 2013

English Influence in Canada

Straight to the point this time i'm tired.....

In my opinion i believe that the British was the most important to the history of Canada. Around the 1700s, the British began settling the the land of Canada for many reasons. Reason include the amount of fur and items that they were able to obtain in the eland they settled in. This brought in numerous different cultural actives, and something happened. The language that mos people spoke began to shift and became English when this happened.

There were numerous influences that Britain gave to the culture of Canada. Influence include spreading of their cultural around the country and they history. Many acts and policies were established by Britain in those times as well. Also currently modern Canada still have a symbolic ruler is the British monarch. Modern Britain still look upon and admire the British monarchs today even after independence. Even the laws are based upon British rule and were there forth influenced by them.

Overall British has influenced Canada greatly in numerous ways. A major way would be the official languages spoken there including English. This brought in many other ethnics groups and their cultures. Without the British influence in the beginning Canada would be much different. Many things there would not be here now in modern times.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Favorite Region


I'm back with another random post about geography, that my geography teacher is requiring us to do once again.

OK lets start, what is my favorite region, to answer that i would say there are parts of each regions i like and there isn't one specific region i like more then the other. In the West I would like to visit states like Nevada because come on its Vegas, then California cause there's Hollywood. Also Hawaii because its a huge tourist attraction.

In the North East i would say states like New York because its the location i was born and others states like Pennsylvania because of its rich cultural heritages there.

Next in the south there are states like Florida and Georgia because of the tourists spots like Atlanta and Miami. Also of course Louisiana because of New Orleans, its seem like a exciting place to visit. 

Then lastly in the Mid West the place i currently am at.... actually there really isn't much here..... maybe Chicago? But I've been there....

These are just my options so no offense to anyone, unless, you know, you like getting offended.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Say Something 8/28

Well this is a say something that my teachers telling me to do so, here I go.

Canals- After reading this section I found out that the Erie canal was the first to be man-made and the connection to the title is it increased cities.

Railroads- After reading this section I found out that Chinese and European immigrants performed that task of lyaing tracks to create the transcontinental railroad and this connect to the title because it furthered transportation

Roads/Cars- Transportation is a big deal because it advances cities and the way people move

Monday, August 19, 2013

Currently Me

First off I would like to clearly state that I am of pure Asian decent, and that stereotypicalness  well rather funny, is usually always wrong. My name, well lets just say that its Yoyo, because I was called that for a majority of my childhood, something that I miss rather much. Next off the bat i'm a gamer, not so much a fully hardcore gamer to the point i'm wasting years of my life in my room alone, depressed, and plotting for the world to end (aka a zombie). My hobbies include running in long distance track and constantly hurting myself in tennis, ouch. Lastly I like art, a lot, i'm not really good enough to go Picasso all over the place but I love admiring what other artists have accomplished.